The precious secrets of the Udi language

Linguist Thomas Wier and Udi activist Alexander Kavtaradze at a memorial to Zinobi Silikashvili, the founder of the village of Zinobiani, Georgia. The inscription includes both Caucasian Albanian (Udi) and Georgian script. (Photo: Patrick Cox)

This is a transcript of a Subtitle podcast episode.

Zinobi SIlikashvili with his wife, Nadezhda Antipova, and their daughter (Wikimedia Commons)
Alexander Kavtaradze and Zinobiani’s oldest Udi speaker, Zoia Kakulashvili. (Photo: Patrick Cox)
Zhenia Mamulashvili (Photo: Patrick Cox)
Linguist Thomas Wier and a friend in Zinobiani (Photo: Patrick Cox)
(Photo: Patrick Cox)
The memorial to Zinobi in Zinobiani. The top line is Caucasian Albanian script. (Photo: Patrick Cox)
Ana Patchikashvili (Photo: Patrick Cox)
Ana Patchikashvili’s guesthouse in Zinobiani (Photo: Patrick Cox)
Zhenia Mamulashvili picking grapes with Alexander Kavtaradze and Thomas Wier (Patrick Cox)



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A podcast about languages and the people who speak them. Co-hosted by @patricox and @kbpillay. Twitter: @lingopod