Teach me your song

Wen-Hao Tien learns to sing a Mozart aria from Suzi Hamill (Photo courtesy Wen-hao Tien)

This is a transcript of a Subtitle podcast episode

Wen-hao Tien learns a Sanskrit chant from Diya Ghosh (Photo courtesy Wen-hao Tien)
Part of Wen-hao Tien’s Home of Our Backs exhibit at the Pao Arts Center, Boston (Photo: Wen-hao Tien)
Wen-hao Tien and Claudia Fiks singing Happy Birthday To You in Portuguese (Photo courtesy Wen-hao Tien)
Suzi Hamill in the red dress (Photo: Jackie Mow)
Singing The Worm Song together (Photo courtesy Wen-hao Tien)

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