A mother tongue reclaimed

Julie Sedivy (center) and two siblings on their arrival at Montreal’s airport in 1971 (Photo courtesy Julie Sedivy)

This is a transcript of a Subtitle podcast episode

The house in Czechoslovakia that the Sedivy lived in when Julie was born. (Photo courtesy Julie Sedivy)
The family at the airport in Vienna, waiting to board their flight to Montreal. (Photo courtesy Julie Sedivy)
Julie Sedivy’s father at Julie’s baptism, 1967 (Photo courtesy Julie Sedivy)
Julie Sedivy and other family members visiting her father’s family gravesite in his village of Moravská Nová Ves. (Photo courtesy Julie Sedivy)
Three members of the Sedivy family in the courtyard of the family home, where Julie’s father’s family has lived for centuries. In the Communist era, the property was seized, but the family was permitted to live on a portion of it, provided they paid rent to the state. (Photo courtesy Julie Sedivy)
Julie’s uncle serving some of his wine to family members at a gathering. (Photo courtesy Julie Sedivy)
A family gathering in Julie Sedivy’s uncle’s wine cellar (Photo courtesy Julie Sedivy)
The Moravian countryside, Czech Republic (Photo courtesy Julie Sedivy)
Julie Sedivy and her daughter near Pardubice, The Czech Republic (Photo courtesy Julie Sedivy)



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A podcast about languages and the people who speak them. Co-hosted by @patricox and @kbpillay. Twitter: @lingopod