Three Gwich’in girls (Adam Jones / Creative Commons)

Patrick Cox: Hi, it’s Patrick Cox here. We’re back with a one-off episode. I also have lots of exciting news about Subtitle and the Subtitle-adjacent world. Wow, that sounds like a parallel universe. More about that later.

OK, today’s episode. I lived for a while in Alaska, in fact it…

A spelling bee in Fulton, MD. (Howard County Library System via Flickr/Creative Commons)

Jacques Bailly: Odylic.

Patrick Cox: Can you recognize that voice? Yes, that spelling contest.

Jacques Bailly: Of or relating to a force or natural power thought by some to reside in certain individuals and things and to underlie hypnotism, magnetism and some other phenomena.

Patrick Cox: You learn something new…

German publisher and far-right activist Götz Kubitschek with his wife Ellen Kositza at their home in Schnellroda, Germany (Photo: Patrick Cox)

Patrick Cox: Hi, Patrick Cox here. And this is Subtitle, a podcast about languages and the people who speak them, produced by Quiet Juice and the Linguistic Society of America.

In this episode, we’re headed to Germany, to confront a word that means — well, we’ll get on to that…

Photo: Trevor Pritchard via Creative Commons

Patrick Cox: Do you like lists? I do. Lists of books I’ve read, books I need to read, gigs I’ve been to, things I need to do this weekend. Sometimes the list is organized chronologically, sometimes thematically, occasionally alphabetically. My favorite latest list is of songs that drive me nuts…

Photo by Brickset via Creative Commons

Patrick Cox: Hi, it’s Patrick and you’re listening to Subtitle. We’re a production of Quiet Juice and the Linguistic Society of America.

Here’s an episode that hasn’t been available for a while, so we’re republishing it. For this one, I dragged my former pod partner Nina Porzucki into a studio.

Teacher Anna Marije Bloem discusses an essay topic with students at a school in the Dutch region of Friesland. (Photo: Patrick Cox)

Kavita Pillay: Hi, Kavita Pillay here. I don’t know a huge amount about where the English language came from. But I do know that it’s a long history with many twists and turns. You might call today’s episode a chapter in that history.

It’s also a chapter in a very…

Ivanka Majic (courtesy Ivanka Majic) / Ivanka Trump (Photo: US Embassy, Berlin via Flickr)

Kavita Pillay: Hi, it’s Kavita Pillay and Subtitle is back with stories about languages and our relationship to them. I’m here with Patrick Cox. Hi, Patrick.

Patrick Cox: Hey, Kavi. So for the next few months, we’re going to bring you a couple of new episodes, also some from the…


A podcast about languages and the people who speak them. Co-hosted by @patricox and @kbpillay. Twitter: @lingopod

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